Land management and conservation

Our estate staff sensitively manage the natural environment in partnership with our tenants, to ensure it is both thriving and sustainable.

At all times we consult and work closely with the appropriate advisory organisations to support the conservation of land, wildlife and natural habitats, as well as the infrastructure on the Estate.

The management of the land at Eaton reflects its long term agricultural use. Rich soils make it suitable for growing arable crops and grazing dairy cattle as well as producing quality hardwood timber from native woodland.

The principal feature of landscape is the River Dee which bisects the estate. Its floodplains and catchment provide extensive wetland habitats which together with grassland, hedgerows, ponds, and woodland provide an attractive landscape rich in wildlife. Seven scheduled ancient monuments and two Sites of Special Scientific interest are also managed.

The story of our seasoned hardwood logs
The story of our seasoned hardwood logs

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