Our properties

The Eaton Estate offers a range of residential property and business premises, all set within beautiful Cheshire villages and countryside. We also own and manage offices and retail units within the city of Chester.

Across the estate there are some 500 properties which range in size from large family homes to small cottages and in style from grand to characterful. Most are built from locally-made red brick with attractive chimneys, creative brickwork and plasterwork. They also feature red paintwork and a house name plaque design, both of which are distinctive to the Eaton Estate and create a link between all of the villages.

The First Duke of Westminster had the villages completely remodelled in around 1870 by architect John Douglas, whilst a handful of early 17th century half-timbered, thatched dwellings were saved from demolition and exist to this day. The attractive small terraces houses of Love Street and Priory Place in Chester were amongst the first social housing projects in Cheshire.

Today, whenever the opportunity arises to renovate a property, this is done to 21st century environmental standards whist retaining their attractive features.


The Eaton Estate offers a number of different tenancy options depending on type of property, length of lease and flexibility required. Communities are mixed property choices for families with young children, retired people, business executives and couples just starting out.

For details of our current and forthcoming residential properties available click here.

The villages are all within easy travelling distance of Chester and the other major towns and cities in the region; many of the residents choose to live on the Eaton Estate because of the supportive community atmosphere, good schools and country lifestyle that is on offer.


A number of successful businesses have chosen to operate from commerical properties on the Eaton Estate because of its excellent environment, accessibility and the lifestyle that it offers its staff. We offer a range of buildings from sustainable office developments to small workshops. From time to time we are able to create a new development or renovate an existing building. For examples of existing tenants click here or for commercial property availability click here.


The estate has over 4,000 hectares of high quality agricultural land farmed by 15 tenants; many of these holdings have been farmed within the same families for generations. For more information regarding grazing or farming on the estate please contact the Estate Management Team by clicking here.