Meet the teams

Estate Management

Stewardship of the Eaton Estate is carried out by the Estate Management Office. The Rural Property Team manages the countryside, agricultural and residential properties on the Eaton Estate. They are also responsible for Halkyn Common in North Wales, and land in Ellesmere, Shropshire. The Commercial Property Team has a similar role for business premises including retail, offices, and storage and industrial space as well as community and car parking facilities.

Key contacts
Annabel Farbon, Agent, Eaton and Halkyn Estates

Building Services

Property maintenance, refurbishment and developments on the estate are carried out by the Building Services Team. The team provides a project management and technical centre of excellence for the estate's diverse portfolio of modern and historic buildings.The in-house team of craftsmen offer a wide range of skills including joinery, carpentry, masonry and building services engineering.

Key contact
Joby Howard, Director of Building Services

Forestry and Conservation

The Forestry team has an important role in managing the landscape of the Eaton Estate; this includes care and management of the woodland and trees as well as conservation and habitat management. The team manages woodland spread across some 350 hectares in approximately 60 named woods. The estate’s Deer Keeper is responsible for managing the herd of about 450 fallow deer in Eaton Park.

Key contact
Greg Vickers, Rural Estates Head Forester


The gamekeepers are responsible for maintaining habitats and landscape across the Estate together with rearing pheasants and partridges. An important part of their role is controlling vermin to support the Estate’s tenant farmers.


The Gardens team maintain the private grounds to the highest horticultural standards and ensure it is ready for public viewing at the Eaton Hall Charity Garden Open Days and also for the Grosvenor family to enjoy. An organically managed kitchen garden also produces food for Eaton Hall.

Some of our roles, although based at the Eaton Estate Office, support this estate as well as the wider businesses and activities throughout the Grosvenor Estate.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety team underpins all the activities which take place on the estate to ensure they are done safely and comply with the relevant legislation. The team carries out annual audits together with providing support to the operational managers on the Estate. The diversity of the interests of the Grosvenor Estate makes this an especially broad service.


The Communications team manages internal and external communications as well as creating materials and content to support the businesses’ objectives. This includes communication strategies and projects, visual identity, website management, as well as public relations and staff communications.


All aspects of Grosvenor Estate’s financial management are handled by the Finance team. Its specialisms include accounting, purchase ledger, and tax as well as long term financial planning.


The Security team is responsible for the safety and security of the Grosvenor family, staff and all visitors to the Estate.

I.T. and Office Services

As well as providing technical and business systems support, I.T and Office Services manage, maintain and develop, the estates’ software and hardware systems.

Human Resources

The HR team works closely with managers across the organisation to deliver recruitment, training and development. They also administer payroll and benefits and support individual members of staff with their personal development.

Other skills

Other key roles which are based at the Eaton Estate include Personal Assistants and Administrators, Archivists, a Charity and Events Co-ordinator, Fine Art Administration and Conservation, Mechanic and household staff at Eaton Hall.