Our people

The Eaton Estate is part of the Grosvenor Estate and is a private, family owned, organisation. Our people play a key part in ensuring that we live up to the values associated with the Grosvenor name in all that we do day to day.

Our success is a result of our talented staff. We employ more than 175 people in a wide range of roles from foresters, to surveyors and IT specialists, who work as a team to support one of the UK’s leading estates.

Although based at Eaton Estate, some of our teams also support a wider range of businesses and other activities throughout the Grosvenor Estate.

We need people who are energetic, committed and, as well as the having the best professional and technical skills, are keen to play an active role in our wider team.

Whether starting out as an apprentice or an experienced professional, our staff can expect to be valued, supported, and challenged, and be given opportunities to continue their training and development.

Each person is an ambassador for the Eaton Estate and we aim to help them understand our culture and the contribution we strive to make within our communities.

If you’re interested in working for the Eaton Estate, please see our latest vacancies here.


people employed at Eaton Estate

Diversity of roles

  • Foresters
  • Gardeners
  • Rural and building surveyors
  • Chartered accountants
  • I.T. specialists
  • Communications professionals
  • Gamekeepers
  • Security officers
  • Archivists