Our heritage

The history of the Eaton Estate can be traced back to the 1440s when it first became the home of the Grosvenor family. We have great respect for this heritage and much to learn from it. We use that knowledge with care to inform our decisions about the future.

Celebrating a colourful past

There are many wonderful stories of colourful characters and their exploits. Indeed one distant ancestor of the present day family was killed in a duel and another spent a decade in prison. The Grosvenor family’s early wealth was derived from land ownership together with rents and royalties from mines of coal, stone and lead in Halkyn, North Wales. Some of that land remains part of the Eaton Estate but today the recognition and interpretation of the responsibilities that accompany such ownership is very different.

Learning for the future

The land and buildings that make up the Eaton Estate have, of course, evolved too. The land has been adapted to suit modern farming practices and machinery whilst retaining many of the key characteristics of the landscape that would still be recognised by earlier generations. The same applies to properties, they may have been enlarged, refurbished or changed their use but our objective is still to make each property attractive and comfortable and to ensure that we retain the mix of people, of residential and business uses and facilities that make the villages vibrant and rewarding places in which to live or work.