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Chapel Brochure

'The Chapel & Courtyard' is the sixth and final brochure in the series of publications to be published at Eaton and is now available to purchase from the Eaton Estate office.


Exhibition Room

Exhibition Room

The recently opened Exhibition Room in the Courtyard at Eaton houses a number of different displays relating to the family, including a collection of military medals and memorabilia, racing trophies won by horses owned by the family, and many other period pieces.

These include the many gold trophies awarded to the legendary Arkle, the magnificent Imperial Cup won by Ormonde at Newmarket in 1887, and the trophy for the 1985 Grand National in which the first horse past the post was Last Suspect.

Also exhibited are coronets of crimson velvet and ermine, historic plate including caskets, coasters, candlesticks and cups such as the silver-gilt christening cup, a royal memento inscribed "To Victor Alexander Grosvenor, Viscount Belgrave, from his godmother Victoria R, August 7 1853."

The new centrepiece of the Exhibition Room is the Duke’s Transport Display, which features model yachts, aircraft, a silver model of a Rolls Royce World War I armoured car and a ship builder's model schooner 'Flying Cloud'. With the original having been built for the 2nd Duke of Westminster in 1927 in the Italian port of Leghorn (Livorno), the model is complete with standing and running rigging, a full complement of linen sails, and a painted wooden hull with its carved golden eagle figurehead. The deck cabins, companionways, skylights and ventilators are all similarly well-figured